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To order an item from the website, please send an e-mail with your name, requirement details, giving title and location within the website to I shall get back to you ASAP notifying you whether that item is available for scanning. If you would like me to send you my Readers' Services & payment instructions please enquire for full details. Do not send any payment until you have done so.

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The photographs and documents, those which I own, and contained in these web pages are meant for personal use or study only. I do not mind people using them for such. 

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What's Available?

Barking Town Surveys

My first Survey of Barking Town & shops was carried out in November 1988, in prelude to the building of the Vicarage Field Shopping Centre, and the Northern Relief Road. This was intended to record the major changes within the town at the time. I have since followed this up with 3 further surveys in  November 1993, December 1998 and July/August 2004. The latter Survey is shown on this site and a fully searchable version is available in Microsoft Access. Electronic paper copies of the other surveys are also available.


The Newspaper Index is purely a finding aid, and is obviously not exhaustive. I have some additional information on nearly all strories, but do not hold copies of most of these articles. However, I do have a few copies of some of the earlier items and it is worth enquiring. From 1986 onwards I hold nearly all the items in the form of cuttings.

As this site is not intended to provide copies of articles, anyone requiring such would have to pay a token charge for the copies which I hold. This is not for the newspaper item but purely due to the amount of processing work involved in locating, copying, scanning or transcribing. 


Scans/photographs or images can be provided of all photographs and documents which are my copyright, or those without such at all. Those which are knowingly belonging to others will be directed to the appropriate owner (where and if known).

  • High quality digital scanned images.  These digitised scans will be sent directly via e-mail.
  • Photographs can be provided either black & white or colour (as appropriate), any size but usually 7 x 5 inches or 6 x 4 inches. 
  • An A4 photo-quality paper, digitally scanned print, either colour or black & white (as appropriate).

Please note that a number of additional photographs/materials are available for scanning etc on the 'Photographs & Documents' pages. Please e-mail for fees. These pages can be reached direct via the following link:


Research Facility

I offer a research facility for  a reasonable cost for those interested in Barking & Dagenham. This may be useful to long distance residents or those overseas, but All are welcome though! Please note that I do not carry out genealogical research, barring a directory or name search of the surveys, parish records or other records which I have.

Please note that just to search the records I possess takes time, so although this part of the service is initially free if you feel like giving a donation please feel free to do so. Firstly please e-mail any requirements you have to

I shall get back to you ASAP, stating what information I have, or what I can obtain for you, and how long the research would take.



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