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Although these indexes are not exhaustive, they are still a useful tool and finding aid for those researching the Borough. They mainly consist of historical items, principal or unusual news stories and transport snippets. I formulated the bulk of this between 1984-1986 spending long periods of time on the microfilm reader down in Valence Library Dagenham.  I'd come out of the old reading room there with cross-eyes! It is good to know that this is being well-used with readers. The local libraries staff have also found this useful too!


The Newspaper Index can now be found on the 'Books & E-Books' pages. You can now download both Pt 1 & Pt 2 of the Index for a moderate fee. The more serious enthusiast can now buy a paperback copy of this. Below you will find an extract of what to expect, but a book preview is also available before you buy. They can also be purchased direct from myself but unfortuantely at a slightly higher cost. Further information on this is given in the Books & E-Books section.


The Index is purely a finding aid, and is obviously not exhaustive. The first part covers items from 1888 through to 1985: while thesecond part contains items from 1986 to 2009. Please be aware that some years are not included, these include items from 2001-02, and no articles whatsoever are yet in place for 2003 until 2006.


I have some additional information on nearly all the stories, but do not hold copies of most of these articles. However, I do have a few copies of some of the earlier items and it is worth asking. From 1986 onwards I have nearly all the items in the form of cuttings.


To access full newspaper details readers' are referred to the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham Local History Studies Centre


Or  to the British Library Newspapers Department in Colindale, London








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